kanye west literally compares himself to vanellope von shweetz in wreck-it ralph




An enormous shrimp that measured 18 inches was found off the coast of Florida. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, it is likely to be a mantis shrimp. It’s hammer like claw can lash out at speeds of 50 miles an hour.  It is designed to break through the shells of unsuspecting prey. It was caught by fisherman Steve Bargeron, who also noted the powerful strike of its tail which he wisely steered well clear of. (SOURCE)

what’s so remarkable about iggy azalea taking a swim? y’all know she lived in miami 

Woodkid - I Love You feat. Angel Haze
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I Love You // Woodkid feat. Angel Haze



no vine is better than this 

I’m boutta go get high just bc this vine

emma watson: gets casted as the female lead in one of history's biggest movie franchises
emma watson: spends the next decade slaying as hermione granger
emma watson: manages to flim 8 movies as a teenager AND get amazing grades
emma watson: gets accepted to Brown, an IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY
emma watson: overcomes the struggle of leaving home to go to college overseas
emma watson: completes her degree despite always having to deal with the fact that she's a huge celebrity among regular college students
emma watson: delivers an empowering, wonderfully thoughtful, honest speech about gender equality
emma watson: is intelligent, down-to-earth, kind and sweet
emma watson: is also ridiculously hot
emma watson: is perfect human
crusty men living in their parents basements: shit
crusty men living in their parents basements: i feel so threatened rn
crusty men living in their parents basements: let's leak her nudes


don’t disappoint your dogs

Without feelings perhaps you can feel like a god.
Adrienne Rich, from Later Poems: Selected And New